History of Changes

jIsoEngine version 0.1.3

jIsoEngine version 0.1.2

Description This release has many features in it. Let's start from the code improvement such as a complete code anayze made with AppPrefect Code Analyzer (a great tool). After that I have made an options menu in game wich gives you the ability to change almost all the engine switches and options. You have fully support for look and feel and Skin Look and Feel (if you will install the optionals library) and a default themepack will be released soon too (as you can see in the screenshots). I have implemented xml too and I will release the jIsoEngine XML Specifications soon!


  • addChanged package disposition! I have changed the package disposition and added three new packages under the engine package (image, net and resource)
  • addImproved image storing Every tile now stores the name of the image, not the image
  • addImproved tiles drawing DrawKit now draws the tiles automatically (doing the x&y loop only one time for frame!) Component alignment now full support for horizontal alignment of components in different screen sizes General bugfixes *Corrected the url in the EngineInfo file FPS Drawing Now FPS draws the consumed memory too!


  • addSupport for ingame windows using Game Window Class||GameWindow class and developing JDialogs Class|JDialogs
  • addSupport for look and feels called by GUIVariables Class|GUIVariables, using setLookAndFeel()
  • addSupport for Skin Look and Feels using skinlf.jar to load user-definable themes
  • addEngine options opens with key 'O' and can set almost all the avaiable engine options
  • addImproved performace now engine draws only viewable images and all the "/2" and "*2" operations has been changed to ">>" and "<<"
  • addTimed garbage collector now support for a garbage collection with a default call every timeout of 10secs. The timeout is defined in the engineVariables (engineRuntimeCollectorTimeout)
  • addCursor Image Support for cursor image with hotspot (only in gameview)
  • addMouse Tooltip Basic mouse tooltip, shows the position of the mouse in the map
  • addFPS Calculation The fps calculator now supports number formats and display consumed memory

jIsoEngine version 0.1.1

This release has some bugfixes that I didn't saw in the 0.1 version. It comes with some new examples too
  • fixCorrected paint mode now paints map layer 0 -> grid -> other map layers with trasparency
  • fixCorrected Multi Height Tiles Bugfix with multi height tiles now works correctly
  • fixGeneral Bugfixes *Removed the ugly "Progress -> sfaf" in the debug
  • addExamples I've added tree new examples to show the power of the engine with different tile dimensions and multi-height

jIsoEngine 0.1

This release is the first ever of jIsoEngine. It had to be rewrited 3 times! (:redface:) to have it working dinamically and in a clean way.

  • addCreate different size of maps Manage isometric tiles with different kind of dimensions and heights!
  • addLoads images with trasparency and alpha! (jpg, gif, png) Load images with trasparency and alpha blending to impove your detail options
  • addScrollable maps Create big maps and let the engine think at the scrollings!
  • addImage manager to load an make effects to images such as luminosity change and alpha blending Simply load and add effects to the images using just one class!
  • addObjet Oriented SDK, every tile is a developer defined object. Create your games and expand them and the engine with new objects and new features
  • addProgress screens for loading images. Let the end-user know what you are loading
  • addOther screen templates (credits, menu and static-image) Manage your game screen and create your game-flow
  • addPersonalizable GUI. Manage default GUI onscreen objects as titlbar, toolbar and statusbar
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