jIsoEngine - Java Isometric Engine

About jIsoEngine

jIsoEngine is an isometric game engine for java. It has a SDK ( Software Development Kit ) to create vary type of game in an isometric view. The main game genre is focalized on simulation games (like SimCity) but can easly manage board games and turn based games! Note: The engine is still in the early stages and will need much more development. The engine is released under the GNU Public License as an open source software.

This application is being developed by Rasael Bervini, a computer science apprentice from Switzerland.

Head features

  • Multiplatform games : Create games that works on java compatibles operating systems
  • Different game sizes : Change the size of your tiles to let them fix your game
  • Image trasparency and alpha : Use GIF and PNG images to have more powerfoul effects on screen
Copyright © 2005  Rasael Bervini. All rights reserved.

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